Why Techron® D

Techron® D is a specially formulated additive that works to help control deposits, maintain fuel injector cleanliness and help your engine perform at its best.

It's available at all Caltex service stations in New Zealand.


The importance of having a clean engine

As with any engine, keeping the fuel injectors clean is critical. Deposits can ruin the injector spray pattern and hinder the fuel/air mixing process, leading to decreased fuel economy and increased emissions.

Fuel injectors are located inside in the head of the engine and are threaded into the combustion chamber. This means they're exposed to tremendous heat which makes it is easier for deposits to build up. Modern diesel engines are becoming more sophisticated, and the need for clean injectors is more important than ever before.


Compatible with all diesel engines

During the course of its development, we tested the performance of the Techron® D additive in both old and new diesel engines. We also tested it in a range of diesel fuel types, including biodiesel.

From our tests, we've found Techron® D protects against corrosion, reduces foaming while filling up and keeps your diesel engine clean.

A clean engine means optimal power and fuel economy and enhanced reliability. The next time you fill up, choose Caltex Diesel with Techron® D.


Four main benefits of Techron® D

In standardised engine and laboratory tests, the addition of Techron® D was proven make your diesel engine perform better by:

  • producing cleaner fuel injectors
  • maintaining cleaner fuel injectors to deliver more power
  • protecting metal surfaces against corrosion
  • producing less foam resulting in a cleaner and faster fill


Clean test


What it is

Test CEC F-23-01 is a laboratory protocol that measures the effectiveness of a fuel at preventing deposits from forming in fuel injectors.


How it works

A quantity of diesel fuel is split into two samples. One sample is dosed with a bit of Techron ®D, then we test both samples using clean fuel injectors at the start of the test.

After 10 hours of cyclical operation, we remove the the injectors from the engine and test the flow to measure how good the fuel has been at preventing injector problems.


Proven results

Tests conducted at an ISO9001 accredited laboratory in 2008 showed that the injectors running on diesel with Techron® D were 47% cleaner than those running on diesel without Techron® D.


Power test


What it is

Test CEC F-98-08 is a laboratory protocol designed to test how well an additive can keep fuel injectors free of performance robbing deposits.

The level of injector deposit build-up is measured indirectly through engine power loss. The CEC F-98-08 test sequence is very rigorous and includes 32 hours of high load engine operation.


How it works

Just like the clean test, diesel fuel is split into two samples. We dose one sample with the a bit of Techron ®D, then we test both samples using clean fuel injectors at the start of the test. During the course of the test, we observe how injector deposits build up and reduce the power generated by the engine.


Proven results

Our tests showed that Techron D® protects against injector deposits which rob engines of power. Diesel with Techron D® produced 6% more power than diesel containing no Techron D®.


Foam test


What it is

The foam test measures diesel foaming, including the maximum foam height and how quickly the foam collapses.


How it works

The same diesel is measured into two containers and Techron D® is added to one. 100ml of diesel is injected into a 250ml measuring cylinder under a constant pressure of 400mbar. We record the maximum foam height and how long it takes for the foam to collapse.


Proven results

The diesel with Techron D® produced 83% less foam and a faster collapse time than the diesel that did not contain Techron D®. This results in a cleaner, faster filling experience for our customers.


Corrosion test


What it is

The corrosion test measures how well an additive protects metal surfaces from corrosion.


How it works

To make corrosion happen faster, we add 30ml of water to 300ml of diesel, heat it to 60°C, and stir it for four hours. We split this mixture in two, and in one batch, we add Techron D®.


Proven results

The sample in the diesel without Techron D® had visible rust spots while the rod that was in the diesel with Techron D® remained rust free.

Techron D® contains powerful corrosion inhibitors that protect the metal surfaces by forming a protective barrier from corrosive agents.