One fuel, five great benefits

Give your car the right fuel, and it will repay you in kind. Only Caltex contains Techron®, a specially formulated ingredient to keep your engine clean and your car running beautifully.

With over 30 years of robust research and development, Techron® is scientifically proven to prevent dirty deposits in vital engine parts. It all adds up to five great benefits to make you – and your car – feel good.



Caltex with Techron® is proven to prevent the build-up of harmful deposits, so your engine can perform like it’s supposed to.

Knock, knock, who's there?

Have you ever heard a sharp 'chattering' or rattling sound from your car engine when accelerating up a hill or steep incline?

Chances are, what you heard was 'knocking' or abnormal combustion. This happens when the fuel inside the combustion chamber ignites uncontrollably, causing a knocking or pinging sound. It usually only lasts for a while but it can hurt your engine in the long run.

How knocking hurts your car and reduces power

Modern cars have knock sensors designed to detect knock, often even before the driver does. When your engine senses knocking, its computer control system slows the spark timing to avoid the knock. This can reduce power and acceleration, particularly during heavy throttle, just when you need power the most.

How Caltex with Techron® eliminates knocking

Caltex with Techron® is proven to clean vital engine parts. Its unique design helps minimise the combustion chamber deposits, making sure your engine is always performing its best for you.


Fuel economy

Caltex™ with Techron® cleans your car's fuel system, giving you more miles for your dollar by reducing build-up of performance-robbing deposits.

Meet your fuel injectors

Fuel injectors are designed to let fuel flow to your engine in a precise pattern of fine droplets. Fuel passages are very narrow and injectors are highly sensitive to even small amounts of deposits. These deposits can reduce fuel flow, meaning you have to fuel up more often, and costing you more dosh.

How Caltex with Techron® helps fuel burn better

Fuel needs to be finely atomised for it to burn properly. If it's not, fuel droplets get too large to be properly burnt. Unburnt fuel doesn't produce power which means your engine will use more fuel to produce the power you need to get going.



Caltex™ with Techron® keeps your engine clean on the inside, helping it run more efficiently and reliably.

Combustion chamber deposit interference (CCDI)

Hear that loud, metallic banging sound? That's coming from the physical contact between deposits on the piston top and the bottom of the cylinder head. CCDI is limited to the engines that have been designed primarily to reduce emissions, with minimal clearance – one millimetre or less – between some areas of the piston top and the cylinder head (squish areas) when the piston is at top dead centre.

Combustion chamber deposit flaking (CCDF)

Combustion chamber deposit flaking (CCDF) causes low-compression pressure to result, due to improper sealing of the valves. This problem occurs when pieces of CCD flake off and end up lodged between the valve face and the valve seat. Typical symptoms of CCDF are difficulty in starting and rough running when cold.

How Caltex with Techron® lets you trust your engine

Using Caltex with Techron® means you can be sure that your car's fuel system is cleaned and kept clean. A car with a clean fuel system is more responsive than a car that is choked up with deposits or riddled with rust. A clean engine means a smoother ride and less trips to the workshop.


Fewer emissions

Caltex™ with Techron® keeps your engine clean on the inside, helping your engine to run at its best.

Dirty engines are just plain dirty

Deposits can cause increased emissions of harmful substances such as hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides that pollute the air. When injectors are blocked with deposits, exhaust emissions increase.

The increase in emissions can be larger than you think. The deposits act somewhat like a sponge, absorbing and then releasing fuel. This upsets the ratio of fuel and air as the engine changes speed, causing more exhaust.

How Caltex with Techron® reduces engine emissions

Caltex with Techron® is proven to keep fuel systems clean by decreasing harmful combustion chamber deposits. A cleaner engine means a greener planet.


A smoother ride

Caltex with Techron® keeps your engine sparkling clean, which means a smoother drive no matter where you're headed.

How lower deposits make driving smoother

In most modern cars, fuel passes through nozzles (aka fuel injectors) before burning up inside the combustion chamber. If these are blocked or coated with deposits, you won't be able to accelerate as fast as you want to.

Combustion chamber deposits can also result in run-on, that annoying thing when you switch off your ignition and the engine stumbles a few times before switching off.

How fuel injector deposits form

Port fuel injector (PFI) deposits form during the hot soak period after you've turned off your engine. The petrol trapped in the injector tip is exposed to a higher temperature for a longer time than the fuel that flowed through the injector when the engine was running. This heat degrades the fuel, and deposits start to form. Without Techron® in your engine, injector deposits can form and build up fast, especially if you only use your car for short trips around town.

How Caltex with Techron® improves drivability

The key characteristic for a smooth ride is how easily it's able to vaporise its fuel. We call this 'drivability' because it tells you how easily your car starts, warms up, drives and accelerates. When the spray pattern of fuel from the fuel injector is clogged with deposits, vaporisation is harder to do. It lowers your car's drivability because only the fuel vapour burns, not the fuel itself.

Caltex with Techron® is proven to clean vital engine parts. It also minimises the contribution to harmful combustion chamber deposits, helping your engine maintain the maximum performance for which it was designed.