How it works

When you swipe a StarCash gift card for payment, the cost of whatever you're buying is deducted from the card’s value. You'll get a receipt telling you how many dollars are left on it.

  1. Swipe your card through the EFTPOS terminal.
  2. Select CREDIT for the transaction type.
  3. Key in the 4 digit PIN under the scratch panel on the back of your StarCash gift card.

You can make a split payment with StarCash, by topping up your transaction with another form of payment.

Treat your StarCash gift card like cash – if it gets lost or damaged it can't be replaced.

There are some products that you can't buy with a StarCash gift card, such as other gift cards or vouchers, and some prepay items such as prepay power or mobile top-ups.

Check out the StarCash terms and conditions for more information.


Loading up your StarCash gift card

The card will have the initial load value written on the front, or it may be printed on the back. If it's illegible for any reason, you can check how much is loaded online.

You can use your StarCash gift card as many times as it takes to use up the entire balance on the card, but you can't reload it with more money.


Buy StarCash gift cards online

You can pop into your local Caltex to buy a StarCash gift card, or do it online.


Check your balance now

Want to know your Caltex StarCash card balance? Easy-peasy. Just login to your account. While you're there, you can also check your expiry date.

The team at participating Caltex retail sites can tell you your balance and when you pay with your StarCash card, the till receipt will display the balance remaining, if there's any left.

Find your local Caltex


Expiry dates

All new StarCash cards have a 24 month expiry from the date of issue.

You can use the card until your balance is finished or the card expires, whichever comes first.

Read the StarCash terms and conditions and participating stations.


A great marketing tool for business

Caltex StarCash can be used by your business in a number of ways:

  • A prize option for promotions and giveaways
  • A redemption product for loyalty programmes
  • Staff incentives or customer gifts

If you'd like to order multiple StarCash cards for your organisation, please contact our partners at Giftstation – they manage bulk gift card orders.

Read the StarCash terms and conditions


Contact us

If you'd like to know more about Caltex StarCash, please contact us.