If two wheels is your thing, Caltex has the premium motorcycle oils to help your ride run smoothly.

Havoline® Super 2T


Havoline® Super 2T is a premium performance, 'low smoke', semi-synthetic, two-stroke motorcycle oil formulated with a special low ash additive system and base fluids that provide superior lubricity to reduce wear.

Havoline® Super 2T is recommended for air and liquid cooled two-stroke motorcycle engines and particularly Japanese high-performance motorcycle engines.

Havoline® Super 2T is also suitable for use in all types of chainsaw applications as it has been successfully field tested in severe duty forestry operations.

Havoline® Super 4T Semi-Synthetic

SAE 10W-40

Havoline® Super 4T Semi-Synthetic is a high quality semi-synthetic oil with Havoline C.O.R.E.+ Technology, proven in the streets for urban riders who demand a strong and reliable oil for their trusted motorcycles.

Havoline® Super 4T Semi-Synthetic is specifically designed for use in four-stroke motorcycle engines, clutches and gearboxes, and portable equipment engines requiring JASO MA2 or MA, API SN lubricants, including high specific output engines operating in severe service. Suitable for motorcycles with and without oil immersed clutches.